Jessica Fox is a mom of 3, speaker, author and master transformational coach with over a decade of experience and proven track record helping ambitious mothers love their business, love their families and ultimately, love themselves.

Everyone thinks that you have to choose between your dreams and your motherhood, and that choosing yourself means your are a bad mom…

You CAN Have it All in Career & in Motherhood

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Featured on TED
The Life Changing Power Couple

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#1 International Bestselling Author
The Art of Success in Business & Motherhood

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Meet Jessica

Your empowerment coach! Jessica is a mom of 3, wife of one and passionate about the empowered release of women into their purpose, power and potential. Jessica is a Master Transformational Coach, a #1 International Best Selling Author of “The Art of Success in Business and Motherhood and a featured presenter on TED…

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It’s time to create the foundation that will help you live a life in love with your business, in love with your family and ultimately, in love with your self.


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What Jessica’s Clients Have to Say…

Desire Dennyschen, South Africa
Mom of 2, Life Coach & Counsellor
Robyn Kurdek, USA
Mom of 2, Content Creator and Copywriting Coach